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The Best Golf Gifts: 4 Items A Golfer Doesn't Want But Needs | Inside the Leather

The Best Golf Gifts: 4 Items A Golfer Doesn't Want But Needs | Inside the Leather

After a long year of golfing, it's time to give your favorite golfer the best gifts. But, the gifts we are talking about aren't necessarily the hottest trends in the market. Rather we are discussing the golf items that every golfer needs and should be carrying around. To help you out we've compiled a list of four items that they don't want but absolutely need. These are just some ideas that should make any golfer happy this golf season.

FootJoy Golf - DryJoys Select Jacket

It's inevitable. All of us golfers know the weather better than most. Rain is the one certainty in golf that we all experience. It can ruin your day if you're not equipped with weather gear to keep you dry. It's happened to me many of times. Rain comes in at the beginning of the round and I'm not prepared with any gear. Then, I have to golf the rest of the round in soaked clothes. Get yourself prepared with this awesome rain jacket from FootJoy to keep yourself dry and focused on your game!

Ogio Aero Cooler Bag

We've all done it before. Snuck some drinks onto the course behind the starters back. However, until I got the Aero Cooler Bag, I was always shoving the drinks in my golf bag. That always ended with warm, not so refreshing drinks for my round. The Aero Cooler Bag is perfect because it fits in the cubby behind your seats and conspicuously looks like a shoe carrier. Never have flat, warm drinks again for your round. 

Oakley Stree 2.0 Duffle Bag

The ultimate bag in golf travel. If you know someone who is serious about golf, then they must go on 1-2 golf trips per year. Not having the right travel gear can be maddening when beginning to pack. Ensure your prepared and not the one having to turn the whole group around because you forgot something. 

Theragun Elite Therapy 

We all know the feeling. After 100+ hacks on the course, your body gets sore. Take the muscle aches, back spasms, and soreness out of the game with the Theragun Elite Therapy muscle gun. Can't guarantee that it will take off strokes from your game, but I can say that it will definitely take stress of your joints!

We’ve compiled a list of the top golf gifts that every golfer needs but might not want. These items are necessities for any game day and can help you spend more time on the course, which is what we all really want to do! If these sound like something you could use or need, sign up for one of our golf gear boxes and see how we can get items like these delivered directly to your door so you never have to worry about forgetting anything important again. You deserve some time away from shopping; let us handle it for you this year--we promise it will be worth it!