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Will buying new clubs knock strokes off my game?

Will buying new clubs knock strokes off my game?

Every golfer at one point or another ponders the thought—“will new clubs make my swing better?” Be honest, you’ve asked yourself the same question dozens of times. To start, there’s no right answer to this question. If you have 30 year-old clubs, I’d say technology has drastically changed since. But, you may be a scratch golfer with 30 year-old Ping's and you can't knock the output!

To really answer the question, you have to be honest about your skill level. If you shoot 30 over par with Walter Hagen’s, buying $800 TaylorMade’s probably won’t make that much of a difference right away. The more experienced golfer will get more bang for their buck initially because they have familiarity working the sweet spot of any club.

Don’t let this discourage you from taking the leap of making a new purchase because every golfer should upgrade at some point. If you are considering a new set, be sure to evaluate where your needs are. Focus on your weakest spots and what clubs most effectively close the gaps in your game. Club technology changes every year and the tweaks are coming at the benefit of the average golfer.

What clubs should I upgrade?

If you don’t track your golf game closely, it’s hard to know exactly what parts of your game need upgraded. Before jumping straight into a purchase of new clubs, take the next 10 rounds and follow your stats. Fairways hit, sand saves, penalties, par saves, etc. This will give you a more accurate total picture of what parts of your game could use an upgrade.

Use 18Birdies for your stat tracking, it’s our go to for golf scoring and they offer fun game scoring!

What’s the best process for upgrading clubs?

I highly recommend you don’t go into a golf shop and purchase clubs on your own. To get the most value out of the clubs and the experience, working with a professional to get clubs fitted to you will provide the most benefit to your game.

Buying new clubs is also a timing decision too. If your clubs are a little on the older side, new technology can certainly provide benefits to your game. Or if you snap your 8 iron after a duffed shot, you may not have a choice but to upgrade. Generally, amateur golfers will update clubs every 10-15 years. If your 25 year old clubs still allow you to be a scratch golfer, then upgrading may not be needed. Every golfer has a different situation.

At the end of the day, golf is about creating the most enjoyment for you and for others. Upgrading clubs can bring that “Christmas morning” feeling to any golfer. But, it’s also not a necessity if your comfort level with your clubs is in a good spot. If you’re unsure, you can always take a demo or test drive certain clubs at many golf shops and golf outlets.

Happy Golfing!

Inside the Leather Team